Liquidity Management: Definition & Basics

Governments attempt to design and apply their fiscal policy in ways that stabilize the country’s economy throughout the annual business cycle. In the United States, responsibility for fiscal policy is shared by the executive and legislative branches. In the executive branch, the office most responsible for fiscal policy is the President of the United States along with the Cabinet-level Secretary of the Treasury and a presidentially appointed Council of Economic Advisers. Congress, using its constitutionally granted “power of the purse,” authorizes taxes and passes laws appropriating funding for fiscal policy measures. In Congress, this process requires participation, debate, and approval from both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

liquidity aggregation definition for dummies

If a company can meet its financial obligations through just cash without the need to sell any other assets, it is an extremely strong financial position. High market liquidity means that there is a high supply and a high demand for an asset and that there will always be sellers and buyers for that asset. If someone wants to sell an asset yet there is no one to buy it, then it cannot be liquid. Liquidity aggregation can be an overwhelming task with having to balance between providing the best short-term and long-term offers for traders.

Market liquidity

When comparing liquidity ratios, it is important to only compare companies within the same industry. This is because every type of industry is going to have different asset and debt requirements. Again, the higher the ratio, the better a company is situated to meet its financial obligations. With 6 different liquidity aggregation options, brokers and hedge funds stay competitive, target various client groups, and achieve higher profit margins. For one thing, internal stakeholders are not always prompt in providing the information needed to build the forecast.

liquidity aggregation definition for dummies

When White Label orders are closed on the Serenity platform, White Label acts as a liquidity provider for Serenity. Wide range of asset classes, including FX, metals, and CFDs, processed on our technology daily. Access the FX, metals, and commodities markets with the
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What is The Difference Between Liquidity Provider and Liquidity Aggregator?

They may have to sell the books at a discount, instead of waiting for a buyer who was willing to pay the full value. For example, if a person wants a $1,000 refrigerator, cash is the asset that can most easily be used to obtain it. If that person has no cash but a rare book collection that has been appraised at $1,000, they are unlikely to find someone willing to trade them the refrigerator for their collection. Instead, they will have to sell the collection and use the cash to purchase the refrigerator. The reason for that is simple; the order size is much higher and might affect the price on one exchange.

liquidity aggregation definition for dummies

Diane Costagliola is a researcher, librarian, instructor, and writer who has published articles on personal finance, home buying, and foreclosure. Refinitiv FX Aggregator is a fully hosted infrastructure, offered as a co-location service or as a cloud-based service, allowing clients increased flexibility. The service can also be used for hedging in a pre-defined, low-latency environment, giving traders control and transparency. My Accounting Course  is a world-class educational resource developed by experts to simplify accounting, finance, & investment analysis topics, so students and professionals can learn and propel their careers. If a person has more savings than they do debt, it means they are more financially liquid. Each of the 6 types target main aggregation issues – over exposure and discrepancies.

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liquidity aggregation definition for dummies

Thus the whale creates a perfect opportunity to buy high volumes of cryptocurrency at a much lower price. We set off to repair this injustice and lay down in plain terms what the liquidity aggregation is and why the entire market will benefit from using it. Most pieces devoted to liquidity aggregation are targeted either at finance professionals and are written in a complex industry vernacular; or at potential buyers of liquidity and are focused on selling rather than informing.

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