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what is cash short and over

Businesses may wish to use better procedures, controls, or employee training to eliminate potential problems in the future. I rang up a $95 pair of yoga pants correctly for $95, but I miscounted the cash I received for the pants. The customer unwittingly gave me $96 for the purchase, an error we both failed to catch.

When entering the transaction in the general ledger, an account would debit the cash account for $101, credit sales for $100, and credit the extra dollar to the cash over and short account. A company keeps track its cash over and short or the amount by which its actual cash amount differs from its records in its general ledger which contains account names and dollar amounts of all of the company’s account. The amount a company is over or short will impact its net income (revenues less expenses). The physical transactions for petty cash, cash short and over need recording with the appropriate journal entries. Here, you create a new journal entry in your accounting journal and debit, or increase, each expense account by the amount of cash used by your vouchers. In the example, debit the office supplies expense account for $300, and debit the transportation expense account for $140.

What is Cash Over and Short? – Definition & Examples

An income statement provides a summary of a company’s revenue and expenses for a period of time. Revenue is the total amount of money that a company has earned from its activities during a period of time, while expenses are the costs that a company incurs while generating its revenue. The total amount that a company is over or short in an accounting period will affect its net income (total revenue minus total expenses).

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Calculating Cash Over and Short

The term also is the name of an account in a company’s general ledger—the cash-over-short account. The opposite is true about transactions that produce cash shortages. Assume the same situation except Tom only receives $99 instead of $101. cash short and over Now cash is debited for $99, cash over and short is debited for $1, and the sales account is credited for $100. It is an accounting tool that helps businesses keep track of the difference between the actual cash and the expected cash.

what is cash short and over

For example, if a company records a cash over entry of $7, this will increase its net income by $7. On the other hand, if a company records a cash short entry of $7, this would decrease its net income by $7. When a business experiences repeated «cash over» or «cash short» situations, it may be indicative of a larger problem such as theft. In some cases, petty cash may also be a contributing factor in a recurring «cash over» or «cash short» situation. The term «petty cash» refers to a small quantity of cash that businesses keep available to handle small unexpected expenses. Loose accounting of petty cash can quickly lead to a «cash over» or «cash short» situation.


This is more common with companies that deal with significant amounts of cash (retail, banking, etc.) or that have large and heavily used petty cash funds. Cash over and short occurs when businesses either have more or less cash on hand than was expected/recorded in their general ledger. A general ledger is a financial record-keeping system that businesses use in order to track their revenue, expenses, and other financial transactions. The cash over and short account is an account in the general ledger that keeps track of cash over or cash short situations.

In the example, if you have $300 in vouchers for office supplies and $140 for transportation expense, add $300 to $140 to get $440 in total vouchers created during the period. Count the money remaining in your petty cash account at the end of an accounting period. Now subtract the amount remaining from the account’s original balance to determine by how much you need to replenish the account. In the example, if your petty cash account’s original balance was $1,000, subtract $550 from $1,000 to get $450, which is the amount by which you need to replenish the account. A company’s cash over or cash short amount will be reported on its income statement.

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