How Did Khloe Kardashian & Trey Songz Meet? They Flirted On Social Media Marketing Well Before The Dating Rumors

To quote Adele, ~rumor provides it~ that
Khloé Kardashian and Trey Songz are now actually products
. Per

Us Weekly,

the funniest Kardashian and the «bottoms-up» vocalist «are internet dating» following two happened to be spotted producing at a Vegas club during the 4th of July week-end, a comfortable night that noted the 3rd time they partied collectively within per week. The journal’s resources declare that «it’s extremely brand-new, but she’s having a great time,» keeping in mind that «Khloé understands» that «Trey is a major flirt,» «but she thinks he’s hot.» From E!,
the state source of everything Kardashian
, an insider unveiled that things are undoubtedly flirtatious, but neither celebration is seeking something serious.

«each of are usually maybe not looking for a commitment, just some summertime enjoyable,» the E! origin reported. «He believes the woman is dope and a sweet girl, but he just got regarding a relationship so they are maybe not trying to find anything major. He really does like just how self-confident this woman is.»

Nevertheless, with all this talk of Kardashian, 32, and Songz, 31 (real title: Tremaine Aldon Neverson) as something, it’s only organic to question exactly how their unique «summertime fun» began heating to begin with. Specifically, how did the 2 very first fulfill?

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First of all, you need to note that

All Of Us Weekly

labeled Kardashian and Songz as «longtime buddies,» therefore it is possible that the duo have actually covertly already been BFFs, for want, evz. Back in late March, the performer appeared on an episode of

Kocktails With Khloé

, in which situations had gotten, um, a bit bit raunchy. (Recap: Kardashian talked about that she’d not witnessed a white penis IRL before; Songz was so flustered by the time that he could not go together with to laughingly walk off ready.)

After the ep ended up being filmed, the 2 had a reasonably flirtatious Twitter trade concerning whole thing — to some extent to drum-up promo for all the tv series (the event aired the night time they were tweeting), but maybe to in addition merely manage to get thier flirt on the road that people all carry out contained in this modern age of technology and Twitter:

Surprisingly enough, «Mr. Acquire Yo lady» (that might be Songz)
once admitted that he’d attempt to «take» Kim Kardashian
from the Kanye western if the guy were actually ever considering the opportunity — therefore yeah, he surely features something for Kardashian ladies. During a really sexist video game that involved the performer considering photos of famous ladies with boyfriends and deciding if he «would or could take that girl,» Songz took a peek at a photo of Kim K. and revealed his thinking.

«after all, Kanye and I don’t have your own thing. I understand Kanye, we aren’t pals like that,» the guy said. «very considering the possibility, i’d seriously take a trial. … i do believe that is something that every man should get a go at.» Well.

There you have got it — Trey Songz: Kardashian opportunist, possible «longtime pal» of Khloé, guy who’s equivalent changes flirtatious but unpleasant once the fact celebrity discusses peen. #RelationshipGoals right there.

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