10 Ways To Throw A Sober Party No One Will Forget

Attending a party while you’re in addiction recovery can be a challenge, let alone hosting your own party. These tips will help you overcome your fears and throw an unforgettable party without jeopardizing your recovery. When throwing a sober party, you want your guests to have as many choices as possible. We mentioned this a couple of times already but this is the time to really “drive it in”.

People consider a https://x265.ru/2014/?option=com_content without any drink, and that does not create the mood of the party. It is very important to stress that if you question your comfort in attending any function in which alcohol will be served – JUST DON’T GO. It has been stated throughout this article; your sobriety and recovery takes center stage and there will always be other invitations that come down the pike. If you are new and in your first year of recovery, it is best to avoid these functions until you are more comfortable in your recovery. No matter what the circumstance or reason, NEVER EVER LET SOMEBODY WHO IS NOT IN RECOVERY GET YOU A DRINK.

Game Night

They tend to work to their desired effect more often than not. While experimenting with other locales is great (more on that in the tip section), it also poses a bit more risk. These three are “tried-and-true” solutions when it comes to sober parties.

  • Here’s what you should know about how to party sober, including tips for hosting and strategies for enjoying yourself—even in environments where alcohol is being served.
  • These drinks will not help people get dehydrated, and thus the people will enjoy the party and also can go to work with ease the next day.
  • If you want to host non-traditional party, consider putting together a clever scavenger hunt that will have your guests bustling around your local area.
  • That can mean you aren’t inviting everyone you’d like to if you know they won’t be game for an alcohol-free evening.
  • They either symbolize the start of the recovery or mark another year of sobriety, both of which are significant life events.
  • When you sign up with Ria, you’ll gain access to a wide spectrum of evidence-based support—including recovery coaching, anti-craving prescriptions, and more—all from your smartphone.
  • In most social situations, I still felt deeply uncomfortable, always wanting to have just one drink so that I could hold a «normal» conversation.

If you’re trying to keep things sober, make sure the location you choose doesn’t serve alcohol. The local bowling alley may sound like a great idea until guests start buying pitchers of beer at your sober party. If you’re throwing a sober birthday party for a sober friend in alcohol recovery, it’s that much more important to make sure they’re getting the party they’re expecting.

Want to get help, but not ready to talk?

The reason why you want to do so is that you want your party to be full of people who know how to have fun without any alcohol present. Have guests tell two truths and one lie about themselves and have their partner or group guess which one is a lie. Provide a selection of “would http://rpt1990.ru/video-chat/fy you rather” questions and have guests answer three of them for each person at the party. Have everyone write a fun fact about themselves on a piece of paper and then draw them from a bowl and read them aloud. These are just a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

sober party

Attending a party as the only sober person can be intimidating, and the same is true for a party that you’re hosting. To avoid feeling all alone at your own party, invite a few sober friends. New friends you’ve met at meetings, your sponsor, and even old acquaintances who already lead a sober lifestyle http://www.fionnlodge.com/social-spaces/ can provide a pillar of support at a social gathering. Make the decision that best supports your current stage in your recovery journey. If you’re not comfortable being around alcohol or drugs at this point in your recovery, make it clear to your guests that alcohol and other substances aren’t welcome.

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